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11th Jan | 2015

Do you have a product idea to kickstart?

I wanted to start by explaining why I started this blog.  I had an idea for a product and was able to get the product to market.  When people hear my story, they tell me that they also have an idea but don’t know what steps to take.  I thought this blog would be the perfect resource to provide the answers to their questions.

I have an Masters Degree in Business and a BS in Marketing from Clemson University.  Go Tigers!  I worked for IBM for several years but dreamed of owning my own business.  I knew that I didn’t quite fit into the corporate world.

I am an animal lover and have always owned a dog.  I had a sheltie, Mocha, that traveled with me everywhere.  Once we were on our way, many times I forgot his water dish or some other necessity.  I found myself stopping at restaurants for an extra cup.  I carried a backpack that held bowls (when I remembered), food, toys, blankets, etc.  It was not only a mess but also completely inefficient.  I began looking at retail stores for a bag that was going to solve my problem.  It had to be on the market, right?  I was shocked when my search for a “doggie diaper bag” was unsuccessful.  I continued to hear “Sorry but we don’t carry a bag like this but what a great idea.”  This is when the light bulb went off and I decided to design what I envisioned – a bag with labeled pockets that was customized for a traveling dog.

I found a manufacturer to design the protoype and once I had it in hand, I knew that I had to test market the product.  I loved the product but would anyone else agree?  After a few months, the target customers loved them!   I realized that if you love your product and are passionate about seeing it succeed, you can become quite a sales person.  The Pet JetSetter by Metzger’s Designs was born.  To see the product you can go to

This blog will cover conception of a new idea, patents, manufacturing, marketing, sales, inventory management, distribution, and anything else you want to understand about new business ideas.

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