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26th Aug | 2016

Business is Growing

It has been interesting watching the business change and grow over the years.  When we began designing our Pet JetSetter we were only able to offer one color which was a black vinyl.  Once we sold all of the black bags, we had enough money saved to try a new material and color – navy blue canvas.  It was a stiff material and more rugid than the current bags.  We thought the customers wanted more of a utilitarian bag.   We later discovered that the customers wanted a softer bag that was more stylish.  They wanted to purchase a new color every year but we didn’t have the cash flow to offer several options.

Our goal was to have a color for both the boy and girl dogs. We searched for a new manufacturer that would be able to offer us a variety of softer fabrics and colors.  We found a wonderful company and we are so happy to finally be able to offer several colors.  We are constantly adding new prints and colors.  The bags are getting softer as well!

Our next step is to introduce a black canvas with leather details.  The sample is currently being manufactured and we are hoping to offer this next month.

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