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30th Sep | 2016


puppyOur pet photo contest has begun! The winner will receive a Pet JetSetter! Tell us a little about your pooch in the comment section and then upload a photo of your doggy dressed up for Halloween. Be sure to share your photo and encourage your friends and family to comment!  The photos with the most comments will be voted on by our panel of judges.

The winner will be announced on October 31st.

Happy Halloween and Good Luck!


  1. Lilly is an 8 year old Puppy mill rescue from Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. She has been free for for almost 3 years and continues to love life more and more each day! Last year, she dressed up in matching costumes with her mom!

  2. Bogey is truly a ham for the camera. He gets excited every time a camera comes out. He is a three year old long hair Chihuahua who brings joy to our family every day. He is doing his best impersonation of Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger.

  3. Genghis Khan is the happiest little guy I have ever owned. Even though he’s just under 4lbs, he can play fetch for hours if my arm didn’t get tired. He also loves meeting new people and other dogs.

  4. Maggie is a 6 month old pomchi this is the biggest she will get a whole whopping 3.5 lbs. She loves ice cream and selfies

  5. Zoe is a former breeder/puppy mill dog we adopted 5 years ago. She has a sassy personality, loves dressing up and being the center of attention. She is wearing a Peacock costume my husband and I hand made for her.

  6. Lou is a 2 year old Pug. He is our pride and joy and has our hearts! Here he is dressed, as the kids say, as an Accountant (I’m not sure where they came up with this, but it’s funny!). 🙂

  7. This is my 6yr old pit bull Pearl who loves dressing up for Halloween. I rescued Pearl when she was 9 months old from an abusive situation. Pearl is so loving that I cannot picture my life without her! Pearl wants everyone to know that not all Pirates are scarey and not all treasure is gold! Arghhh…

  8. My niece Pearl, not only has a treasure chest of gold, but also has a heart of gold! She is a precious blessing to our family!

  9. We caught Beau and Sasha playing doctor this Halloween! They are both rescue dogs and retriever mixes and bring adventure wherever they go. They love dressing up for the camera when they are not busy chasing squirrels and obsessively protecting us from UPS delivery man!

  10. Barking Bad
    Sprocket as Jesse Pinkman and Ratchet as Walter White (Breaking Bad)

    Sprocket is a 6 year old female boxer mix and Ratchet is a 6 year old male boxer. Both are rescues who reside in Upton, MA. Halloween is our favorite season and the furkids are always willing participants so long as they get a big fat cookie later!

  11. Louie is a 4yr rescue French Bulldog. He’s an adorable, stubborn, little clown who makes everyday just a little brighter with his antics. He loves playing ball and dressing up and has no worries about anything else in life!

  12. Lucy & Holly are “American CowGirl and Native American Princess.” Lucy is an energetic, funny, lively little 10-lb Jack Russell Terrier and Holly is a spunky, smart, sweet-natured 12-lb Rat Terrier. Both love couture fashion and dress up every day of their lives. They actually love wearing clothes (and hats, accessories, etc). We stay busy/on the go constantly and travel everywhere together. Lucy & Holly make tons of friends wherever we go. Lucy & Holly are truly the loves of my life and bring so much joy, fun and laughter into each and every day.

  13. This is my sweet dog Grace in her Halloween costume. She is a part chihuahua and part Italian greyhound rescue. This year we decided to pay homage to her Mexican roots with a colorful poncho and sombrero. Grace asks you to please vote for her =)

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