About Us

My name is Paige Metzger and I am the owner of Metzger's Designs. I have always been an animal lover. Up until 2010, I had a beautiful sheltie, Mocha, who enjoyed going everywhere with me..even during his very last weekend
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He was my inspiration for the creation of the Pet JetSetter. I was always throwing his necessities in a backpack or tote bag and would sometimes forget items.

The bags were not functional and were always cluttered. I realized that I needed a bag with decorative, labeled pockets that was cute and fun. I envisioned Mocha’s very own doggy diaper bag that got him excited when I reached for it. I created a prototype of the Pet JetSetter and then applied for a patent. The patent was approved and the first bags were test marketed and the customers (including Mocha) loved them. We started production in 2006 and haven't looked back.

The most difficult task has been getting the word out about our product so we are glad that you found us. We are a small, family business and love getting to know our customers. We have heard many wonderful stories about the poochies that brighten so many lives. I just love the reactions of the customers that receive our bags.


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